Bossing Hotdogs

Formulated with top spices and ingredients that gives the hotdogs a meaty, savory and smoky flavor for an affordable price.

Available SKUs: Regular 200g (8pcs), Jumbo 1kg (30 pcs), Super Jumbo 1kg (18 pcs), Kingsize 1.14 kg (16 pcs), Mega Kingsize 1.35kg (16 pcs)

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Frabelle Foods Easy Breezy Recipe

Bossing Cheesy Hotdog Pork & Beans Breadroll

Welcome your child's friends with our Bossing Cheesy Hotdog Pork & Beans Breadroll recipe and you'll surely be the coolest mom!

Frabelle Foods Bossing Mega Kingsize Hotdogs
Loaf Bread
Pork & Beans

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