Frabelle Market Corporation

Premium marine products for the Filipino consumer.

Frabelle Market Corporation is an industry leader in the procurement, processing, packaging and distribtuion of premium marinine products for retail, institutional, HORECA and export markets.

At a time when only a limited assortment of premium seafood was available in the Philippine market at exorbitant prices, Frabelle Market saw an opportunity to bring quality, affordable seafood into Filipino households.

In 1997, the company introduced Ocean Fresh Premium Fresh Frozen Seafood. Our in-house line of high-quality marine product is processed using top-of-the-line mechanical and electrical cutting, freezing, and vacuum-packing equipment. Our modern quick-freezing methods are designed to lock-in the natural taste and nutrients of the frozen seafood we offer.

Frabel market Corporation remains dedicated to serving the country-s demand for quality marine products. We continuously endeavor to develop products that delight the Filipini palate.

Our Seaglow brand offsers a range of Filipino favorites such as squid balls, fish balls, and kikiam.

Our Captain’s Catch brad offers a variety of breaded, battered, and friend products such as fish nuggets, shrimp popcorn, and seafood combo to health-conscious consumers.

Both Seaglow and Captain’s Catch products are best eated with our complementary Frabelle Sauce line with three available variants – Sweet Sauce, Sweet & Spicy Sauce, and Sweet Chili Sauce.

As part of our commitment for innovation in order to provide more value added products to consumers, we launched the Frabelle Foods Salted Egg fish Skin in two variants – Regular & Spicy, in 2017. Given the success of the product, we also launched the Frabelle Foods Salted Egg Potato Chips to add to our snack line.