Frabelle Corporation

Frabelle Foods maintains a strong commitment to providing its customers with superior, great-tasting products at affordable prices. We aim to transform ordinary mealtimes into pleasurable dining experiences for the whole family.

We are dedicated to marrying classic culinary disciplines with advanced technology to deliver products that bring authentic, delicious, and full meaty flavors with every bite.

How does Frabelle Foods do it?

It all starts with the best ingredients, and expertly crafted recipes. Our range of hotdogs, tapa, tocino, hams, corned beef, bacon, and longganiza are made only with the freshest meat and finest mix of spices.

Highly trained workers with state-of-the-art equipment transform these ingredients into the products you know and love. To ensure top-quality products, Frabelle Foods has invested in equipment and technology that ensures absolute freshness as well as food safety.

From procurement to dispatch, proper procedures such as maintaining the optimum temperature throughout all stages of the production process, following sanitary guidelines, and implementing quality assurance checks are strictly adhered to in order to maintain the excellent product quality Frabelle Foods is known to have.

As we aim to keep expanding and improving, we continuously invest in Research & Development, so you can be sure that Frabelle Foods will keep on getting bigger and better.

We believe that high-quality meals should be accessible to every household, so we have developed our flagship brands Yummy!, Bossing, Cheezydog, Pinoy, and Frabelle Premium Hotdogs to meet different price points.

At Frabelle Foods, we believe that taste established by tradition can still be elevated to perfection. We don’t settle for less. We are constantly in search of new ways to give consumers not only what they need, but the best that we can offer. There are no shortcuts or substitutes when it comes to delighting our customers.

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