Group of Companies

The Frabelle Group of Companies holds diversified business interests which include deep-sea fishing, aquaculture, canning, food manufacturing and processing, food importation and trading, cold storage, shipyard operations, wharf development, real estate development, and power generation.

Frabelle Fishing Corporation

Frabelle Fishing Corporation is a world-class, deep sea fishing company which specializes in the catch of sardines, mackerel, round scad, skipjack, frigate, and yellowfin tuna.

The company maintains a fleet of over a hundred vessels which operate mainly in the waters of the Western and Central Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. it remains dedicated to maintaining the health of its fisheries though the employment of sustainable fishing practices.

Frabelle Fishing Corporation is committed to supplying high-quality and affordable fresh, frozen, and processed seafood products to both the domestic and international markets including Africa, Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Frabelle Cold Storage Corporation

Frabelle Cold Storage Corporation operates full service cold sorage facilities which are strategically located near major ports and highways within the Greater Metropolitan Area. It caters to food manufacturers, processors, traders, and restaurants, ensuring their valued inventory ranging from fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, poultry, and processed food products are kept fresh and in excellent condition.

Frabelle's cold storage plants are equipped with freezer and chiller storage, air blast freezers which are capable of freezing goods in less than four hours, reefer van plug-in facilities, and leasable processing areas. Its combination of free stacking and mobile racking systems, along with a customized program for stock control, tracking and documentation allow for quick and efficient stock receiving and retrieval.

Westpac Meat Processing Corp.

Westpac Meat Processing Corporation offers a wide range of high-quality meat, poultry, and seafood products sourced from select producers and meat packers from Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Australia.

Westpac is committed to providing our customers with superior products at affordable prices, a consistent and readily available supply of goods, efficient and reliable delivery to ensure freshness, and personalized service which adapts to their specific needs.

Eoana Canning and Food Processing Corporation

Eoana Canning and Food Processing Corporation is a Philippine-based seafood toll processing company which manufactures a variety of smoked, dried, marinated, and individually quick frozen (IQF) fish products to both the local and export markets. Eoana maintains a HALAL certified manufacturing plant that is capable of 24 hour operations, and adhres to HACCP standards of quality control.

Frabelle Shipyard Corporation

Frabelle Shipyard Corporation is located in Navotas City, the Fishing Capital of the Philippines. It offsers ship building, conversion and modification, and hull preservation services, along with the repair maintenance of vessel engines, hydraulic, refrigeration, electrical, and electronic equipment. The Frabelle Shipyard also maintains dry docking, dredging, and heavy lifting facilities for both local and foreign vessels.

Frabelle Properties Corporation

Frabelle Properties Corporation is dedicated to the development of strategically located commercial and residential properties that are build to meet international standards, equipped with preferred facilities and amenities, and offers superior management services.

To learn more about Frabelle Properties Corporation and its portfolio of commercial and residential properties, please visit the Frabelle Properties website at